7-Year-Old Girl Rides Tiny Dirt Bike. But Watch When The REAL Bikers Show Up!

Audrianna is only 7 years old, but she is already a pro at riding her dirt bike around the block. The little girl is passionate about riding, but the other kids at school don’t quite understand Audrianna. She has been having a rough time and is getting bullied at Marshall Elementary in Toledo, OH.

“It could be part of it that she is a tomboy, but who knows,” Alexandria told WTVG.

That’s when her, Alexandria got a big idea. Why not show Audrianna that there’s nothing wrong with riding a dirt bike and that there are kind people out there just like her? The mom enlisted the help of The Punishers, a motorcycle group made up of EMS, law enforcement, military personnel, and firefighters. The biker club had an instant connection with Audrianna.

“We got her a vest and told her to think of us like her uncles, and she is part of our family now, and if she needs anything, let us know,” said president of The Punishers, biker Daniel Bushey. “Any chance we get, we help kids out, we do in a heartbeat.”

They put a helmet on Alexandria and the group of tough men escorted her to school. Since then, she has had a much easier time. The biker group devote much of their time helping kids, despite their tough exterior, they are great big softies who seek to protect others, not hurt them!

“We were just trying to uplift her spirits and let her know that not everybody is mean and there are plenty of nice people in the world,” Alexandria. “The guys have really done a wonderful job at helping us with that.”

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They See A Soldier Standing All Alone In A Cemetery. What The Camera Catches? I Have Chills

If you’ve ever been to Arlington National Cemetery in person, you know how moving it is. To look at the vast expanse of white headstones of deceased soldiers can be a lot to handle for some people.

Each white headstone still stands tall, in perfect rows, just like the men and women of our military. Looking over the grounds and seeing line after line of headstones spanning over 624 acres and all the way back to the Civil War is going to stir up a lot of emotions for anyone who visits. Standing in the middle of it all, you’re essentially standing in the middle of our nation’s history.

Attending a funeral service here is even more emotional. A military funeral has that extra element attached to it… that factor that reminds us of the great sacrifices these men and women make for the freedoms and beliefs that America stands for.

Ever since the Civil War, “Taps” has been played during military functions. Now, it’s become a key part in honoring a soldier at a military funeral.

Bugle players from the United States Army Band perform this song during these funerals all year long. While it’s a great honor, it’s also an extremely solemn task.

In this moving clip, SSG Jesse Tubb plays through the tune on a lush summer day, followed by SSG Drew Fremder playing it in the middle of a snowfall. It’s a reminder that these guys truly never stop.

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This Pit Bull Was Ready To Give Up After 126 Days In A Shelter. But Then He Sees Them…

Animal shelters are amazing places. While some give the whole community a bad rep for having a euthanasia policy, many shelters do not and have a strong team of workers (mostly volunteers) dedicated to finding animals loving homes.

If you’ve ever visited a shelter for dogs, you know that even the warmest, most engaging shelter environments are no place for a dog to live. Don’t get me wrong, I think many shelters go above and beyond to make shelter dogs feel loved. But a dog will thrive much better in a loving home rather than in a cage among many other abandoned dogs.

Titus the pit bull spent 126 days in the Carson Animal Care Center. The 2-year-old pup had been in the shelter since January 20, 2016, and was a very well-behaved boy. He was brought to the shelter in an owner surrender, though the circumstances of his situation were not disclosed.

He was heartbroken and the shelter listed him as an urgent adoption, as they knew he was well trained, but needed a family to give him love. He had shown signs of giving up, very much little fellow pit bull Gracie, who needed some extra love.

Well, after 4 months of waiting, Titus is off to his forever home! The shelter has called him a ladies man, and if that strut in his walk doesn’t just prove it!

Watch the video below to see Titus make his freedom walk!

You can see any other dogs that need forever homes at the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page and the shelter’s website.

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Thumbnail Photo: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

Dancer Receives A Perfect Score. But When A Judge Gets Up And Does THIS, He’s In Tears…

The hit show Dancing With The Stars has offered up some great entertainment over the past few seasons. We loved watching all kinds of celebrities take the floor and dance the tango, the cha-cha, and the foxtrot, among many other types of dance. Some excelled and tapped into a skill they didn’t know they had, while others struggled. But it wasn’t just the competition that kept us watching every week — it was getting to know the contestants, many of whom we’ve come to love. Bindi Irwin stole hearts before she won the coveted trophy, but this season belonged to another.

Nyle DiMarco stunned viewers when he took the stage and displayed an incredible amount of skill and grace. Nyle is deaf, and uses sign language to communicate. For many, this was perplexing, but his humility and hard work earned him support from fans. And it paid off… Nyle and his partner, Peta, were crowned the winners of this season of Dancing With The Stars!

But the most emotional moment perhaps came when Nyle faced the judges one last time, after his final dance. He received a perfect score, but it was when one judge got up from her chair that reduced him to tears.

Watch the clip, and you may find yourself weeping too…

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Steve’s 7 Children Surprise Him Live On Air. But When His Stepson Says THIS, He’s In Tears

Television show host Steve Harvey is known for his on-air antics. Always expressive and never afraid to voice his opinion, Steve is a fan-favorite all over the country. He didn’t hesitate to show how afraid he was of a guest’s animal friends, and he couldn’t keep it together when talking to his daughter, Karli, about her upcoming marriage. Steve is only human, like you and me, who is sometimes overwhelmed by emotion!

This was particularly true when all seven of his children joined him on stage on his show to surprise him, along with his wife. One by one, the siblings told the audience about a time that made them appreciate their dad the most. But it was when Steve’s stepson, Jason, spoke that finally made the funnyman dissolve into tears… Jason had an important message for Steve, one he needed to make sure he knew, if he didn’t already.

Steve also had a special message for his kids, and wasn’t afraid to let tears flow…

Now watch the clip to see the touching family moment, and tell us what moment in your life makes you appreciate your parents!

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He Looks Like An Ordinary Horse. But Watch When He Turns Around…

If his bulging muscles and dark, silken mane don’t get you, his awe-inspiring grace certainly will.

Frederik the Great, a majestic Friesian stallion, was recentlydeemed the world’s most handsome horse.

Frederik lives at Pinnacle Friesians in the Ozarks with his team of other purebred stallions.

These stallions‘ particular breed has, unfortunately, reached the brink of extinction, not one but three times. Those high-risk statistics spurred breeder Stacy Nazario, of Pinnacle Friesians, to focus her talents on keeping this breed alive and well for years to come.

In the meantime, the internet has slowly started to discover Frederik the Great‘s sheer elegance.

Between his statuesque stature and jet-black locks, this amazing horse absolutely looks like he strolled out of a fairy tale, on his way to right a wrong, save a village, or valiantly accomplish some other glorious task.

Scroll through his photos and watch the video below to witness the true majesty that is Frederik the Great.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

black horse

Meet Frederik the Great, the internet’s newest obsession.

Frederik is a Friesian stallion that was recently deemed the world’s most handsome horse.

black horse

Frederik lives on Pinnacle Friesians in the Ozarks.

He and the other stallions on the property were carefully selected by breeder Stacy Nazario.

black horse and owner

Nazario decided to focus her efforts on only breeding Friesian stallions, because this specific breed has almost gone extinct, three times over.

black horse

Pinnacle Friesians explains on their website: “With rising concerns of high inbreeding among the Friesian breed, we offer low percentage kinship, selecting only pureblood, Dutch, KFPS, FHANA registered, black homozygous Friesians for stud.

“Our stallions’ pedigrees speak for themselves.”

By following these strategies, Pinnacle Friesians has spawned some of the most gorgeous horses around.

black horse and owner

Frederik, in particular, has recently gained a huge following.

In fact, he has over 14,000 Facebook followers.

black horse and little girl

This handsome horse is inspiring fans, big and small.

With luscious locks like these, the world really is his oyster.

Frederik the Great and his dashingly good looks are taking the internet by storm.

She Gets All Dressed Up To Sparkle At Prom. Then Her Date Realizes THIS About Her…

High school is pretty much a breeding ground for stereotypes. The jocks and cheerleaders are big old meanies, the unpopular kids are weird, and everyone in between is pretty much invisible. Middletown High School may have been susceptible to those old tropes, until an incredible program made sure teens saw each other for who they really were.

The program is called Circle of Friends and pairs students from different peer groups together so that they learn not to judge a book by its cover. Enter Claire, she was born with a genetic chromosomal disorder and is developmentally delayed. She was paired off with Chip, a senior varsity soccer player. No one thought in a million years they would see these two high-fiving each other in the hallways, but that’s exactly what happened.

Chip sees Claire as his little sister. So much so that Claire mustered up the courage to ask him to prom. Chip said yes and quickly realized what Claire means to him.

“I viewed the world so differently before I met Claire, and then after I met her, she just changed me a lot,” Chip told CBS. “I don’t think anyone is ever taught me more or impacted me more as much as Claire.”

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Soldier Saves A Puppy Before He Has To Leave Iraq, But Watch What Happens When They Reunite

When a stray puppy wandered onto an army base in Iraq, he quickly won the hearts of every single soldier at the camp. They named the mutt Ollie, and he formed a special bond with one soldier in particular. Former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch took Ollie under his wing and raised him. Te two best friends spent every moment they could while Wyrsch was serving duty. “He was there when we left on our missions, he was there when we got back,” he told told CBS SF.

We’ve seen it happen before — when a soldier must leave behind his canine companion and head back to the states, heartbroken. That’s exactly what happened when Wyrsch heard the camp in Iraq was shutting down and the unit was disbanding. He knew he’d have to leave Ollie behind, but he feared the pup was too sweet and mild-tempered to survive the harsh environment and potential abuse.

But instead of trying to put Ollie out of his mind and move on in life without him, Wyrsch contacted SPCA International in the hopes they could help raised the funds needed to rescue Ollie and bring him all the way back to California.

One month later, Wyrsch went to the cargo depot SFO to make a very special pick-up. Watch what happened next in the video below, SHARE it with your friends, and make sure to grab your tissues.

Female Soldier Stops Her Bike In Front Of A Saluting Marine. Watch What’s In Her Hands…

What does Memorial Day mean to you? A three day weekend? Hamburgers and hot dogs in the sunshine? The start of summer? While these are all great things, Memorial Day is about so much more.

We often forget to remember the true meaning of holiday. In the case of Memorial Day, we’re taking a Monday off of work to remember all of the men and women who have fought to keep us safe, who have fought to protect the rights and freedoms that America stands for. Without the men and women who have sacrificed their lives, their bodies, their minds, or the prime years of their lives to serve our country, who knows what would happen. No matter what branch of the military, each and every soldier deserves to be recognized.

In 1988, a group of biker veterans made their first demonstration as Rolling Thunder, a group that rides their choppers on a designated route through Washington, D.C. every Memorial Day. They take this ride to remember those who went missing in action, as well as prisoners of war.

Staff Sgt. Tim Chambers, also known as “The Saluting Marine,” has been standing on his feet in his uniform the full four or so hours of this demonstration for years. Can you imagine being in your feet, in full uniform, under the hot sun, for four hours? You can see in this clip from 2012 that he is weary and wobbly, but he certainly isn’t going to stand down.

Then, a female soldier stops her bike right in front of him. What she does next is truly touching.

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Teenage Boy Asks Her To Dance. When He Grabs Her Hand, Watch What He Does With His Feet…

She did not see this coming in a million years. While enjoying live music, a grown woman was stopped during the concert by a 14-year-old boy. She was flattered by the gesture and obliged the teenager, clearly out of politeness. Little did she know that the teen had the finesse and skill of a professional dancer.

When the young man took her by the hand, he simultaneously took the lead. He spins the woman so many times, her face says it all: she is in shock. We have to commend her on being able to keep up with the fellow who has clearly had lots of practice. Although the old saying goes, a great lead dancer will make anyone look good. This is not the first time we have seen kids leave their audiences stunned with their dance moves. Just recently, a pair of tiny dancers appeared on Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots and left the crowd roaring.

A crowd even begins to form around the pair as they salsa dance in the middle of the show. It certainly was a one-of-a-kind impromptu mini performance no one saw coming!

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