Terrified Dog Sits In A Corner After Being Rescued. But Look Who They See Underneath Her…

When two foster dogs went missing in District of Highlands in Canada, rescuers worked tirelessly to find them and they never gave up no matter how hard it was.

The terrified pooches roamed the wild for 61 days before Canada’s Victoria Humane Society was able to rescue them.

“There was no chance we wouldn’t catch them because we weren’t going to give up,” Penny Stone, the executive director of the animal charity, told Canada’s CTV News.

But the search wasn’t simple. Much like the rescuers who swam across a dangerous river to reach a dog, these ones also proved just how far they’d go for man’s best friend.

The organization used thermal imaging units, bloodhounds, and posted over 500 “Lost Dog” posters throughout the area. However, it was the five cameras they set up in the woods that did the trick. The cameras caught the dogs roaming about and the rescuers set up a successful trap.

The dogs were previously saved from a hoarder’s property and became petrified of humans as a result. Yet Stone believes they will be rehabilitated with some love and care.

“We know that starting here we are going forward and these dogs’ lives are just going to get better,” she said.

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He Plays A Song From 1973. But When His Daughter Starts To Sing? UNBELIEVABLE…

For over 40 years now, Dolly Parton has been sharing her incredible vocal talent and musical abilities with the whole world. Her songs range from happy and thankful to desperate and dark. And while everyone loves her upbeat attitude and happy lyrics, the song “Jolene” is quite possibly her most beautiful in spite of its subject.

The song itself has a pretty normal beginning. The story behind the tune goes that a young Dolly was busy signing autographs and she asked a girl what her name was, Jolene was the answer, and suddenly a whole idea and world sprang into Dolly’s head. From that moment on, the world became a very different place and we’re all thankful for it.

Since “Jolene” was released back in 1973, millions of people have fallen in love with Dolly, and thousands of musicians have attempted to do the song justice. And while we’ve all heard some pretty amazing covers of the famous song, it wasn’t until singer/songwriter Alexandra Kay gave the song a try and managed to show just how incredibly talented she is!

Alexandra loves to sing country music, bluegrass, and anything else with that good old-fashioned “twang!” And when you hear her voice, you’ll see why she loves it so much.

While she’ll never manage to top Dolly, this young singer is the closest second that anyone has ever managed to get with this amazing song. Something tells us that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Alexandra in the years to come. She needs to get on all the talent shows because she’s one of the best singers we’ve seen in years!

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A Piano Sits In A Public Square. But No One Expects THIS When The Girl In Green Walks Up…

Wherever you go, there is more likely than not tons of hidden talent walking right among you. You never know what the folks you share a sidewalk with are capable of if given the right venue, tool, or instrument. We all look pretty similar on the outside, generally speaking. But there is so much hidden inside each and every one of us.

Have you ever been in a city and seen a piano in an odd spot? Sometimes they’re decorated with extravagant designs and vibrant colors. Sometimes they’re old pianos that look worn down on the outside, but once you sit down to strike their keys, you realize how much sound and resonance is still in them.

These pubic pianos, in my opinion, are one of the greatest ideas to ever reach cities. It gives folks with talent to share a time to shine. It gives folks who might not have access to such a large instrument an opportunity to remember little tunes from when they were younger. It gives the public an opportunity to experience an intimate performance free of charge.

When this young woman walks up to a piano sitting in a public square, no one gathered had any idea what she was about to play. By looking at her, I don’t think any of them would have guessed either!

Everyone loves it… just watch the faces of everyone around her! And when the little girl walks up with some coins? Too precious.

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They See A Sick Pit Bull Roaming The Streets. But Then They Realize This Is On Her Neck…

Pit bulls get so much negative attention, I can never understand it. Every pit bull I’ve ever known has been nothing but loving and gentle. They’re all just big balls of happy energy that love to give kisses!

As pit bulls continue to get a bad reputation, more and more people abuse these innocent creatures. I will never be able to comprehend how someone can hurt anyone, but especially how they could hurt an animal. While there are bad people in the world doing this, there are also amazing folks out there rescuing injured animals! We need more people like them!

Roxanne is a beautiful pit bull, but someone didn’t see her beauty. She was abandoned, but not only was she left behind, she was left in horrible conditions. She was found wandering the streets with a 6-pound chain around her neck. But much like fellow pit bull Kiah, this isn’t the end of Roxanne’s life, it’s only the beginning!

[H/T: BarkPost]

This sweet baby girl was found wandering the streets of South Carolina with a 6.3-pound chain around her neck.

It wasn’t clear how long she’d had the chain on her neck, but it had caused severe swelling to her neck. Roxanne’s rescuers knew they needed to act fast.

The chain had been on for so long, it had become partially embedded in her neck. It needed to be cut off with bolt cutters.

Doctors had never seen something as terrible as the abuse this poor girl suffered.

The chain had cut into 95 percent of Roxanne’s neck, which meant doctors had to rush her into surgery.

Not only did this fighter survive surgery, her spirits were lifted once she’d been broken from her chains.

Only a few short weeks later, Roxanne looks like an entirely different dog! Her neck swelling is gone, her scar is now healing, and she is finally able to be a happy 1-year-old pup!


Look at that smile! It says it all!

You can see more of Roxanne’s journey and other rescued animals at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s Facebook page!

You can donate to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC here, and the rescue that found Roxanne, Pawmetto Lifeline, here!

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Mama Pit Bull Gives Birth To 10 Babies. Moments Later? The Unthinkable…

The intense connection between a mother and her newborn baby transcends both circumstance and species.

Mothers will risk their lives for their children, fight for them, and support them through any difficult incident or ailment.

Though there are many notable examples of human mothers’ unwavering love for their children, like this incredible mother going through chemo, dogs can also showcase some fierce maternal instinct.

In Sacramento, CA, one pit bull mom exemplified how important her new babies (all 10 of them) were to her.

After being abandoned at the Sacramento SPCA, mere hours after giving birth to her large litter, the mama dog stayed faithfully huddled near them until help arrived.

Thanks to her devotion to the adorable babies, the entire family is now safe and sound in a new happy home.

Her perseverance despite the odds is a model example of motherhood, and how hope and adoration for family is stronger than any tough situation.

[H/T: The Dodo]

The Sacramento SPCA staff arrived in the morning to quite a surprising site.

Dumped on their doorstep was a new pit bull mother and her 10 tiny babies, with no assumed owner in sight.

The babies were barely days old and the mother was bleeding residually, indicating that she had been dropped off shortly after giving birth to them.

There was no indication why they had been left — nor was there food or water to nourish the new mother.

She was also left without a chain, so she could have easily walked away from the litter to seek help, sans her babies.

But she remained diligently by their side, unwavering in her sense of motherly duty — even though staying would mean no immediate source of food or water until help arrived.

The shelter was happy to house them, but nervous about how they would be able to foster such a huge family altogether.

Eleven mouths to feed is difficult to handle for most foster families, but separating the puppies from their mom at such a young age could be detrimental to their health and happiness.

Fortunately, they were able to find a foster dad who was thrilled to take on the new family.

He squared away a spot for the mom to stay snuggly and warm with her babies while they nursed and grew.

The pit bull mom had an incredibly sweet disposition according the shelter staff.

Though she had been abandoned to brave the city alone with her babies, she remained completely friendly and even let them gently handle her newborns.

The family is expected to live with their doting foster father for the next several months until they are able to be separated and adopted to new nurturing households.

Until then, their stand-in dad has had a blast sharing their adorable photos with friends on social media.

The mother’s devotion to her litter proves that when family sticks by each other, they can overcome any adversity.

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Poor Mom Chooses Between Taking $5,000 Or Giving It Away. Now Look At Who Sits Next To Her…

This is the story of two moms. Both love their families dearly, both are struggling financially, but only one of them has a difficult decision to make. Radio showhosts Kyle and Jackie O first met Ashleigh, a mother of two. When Ashleigh’s father unexpectedly died, the family had to fly home to New Zealand quick, but those plane tickets costs her in the thousands. Her husband was injured at work, and now the couple makes less money as they struggle to pay their debts. Ashleigh promised to visit her mother, now a widow, back home, but she can’t afford another plane ticket.

That’s when Kyle and Jackie O stopped Kate, a mother of three, on the street. They asked Kate to choose between keeping $5,000 for herself or giving it to Ashleigh — a woman she had never met. The hosts gave Kate 24 hours to make the decision, but not before giving Kate a chance to hear Ashleigh’s story. What the hosts didn’t know was that Kate had a story of her own. Her electricity was about to be turned off, the mother works two jobs to make ends meet, and she only has $8 to her name. Kate direly needed the money, too.

The decision weighed heavily on her. As she stewed over what to do, Ashleigh sat next to her. Kate couldn’t help but relate to Ashleigh’s struggle. She selflessly decided to give Ashleigh the $5,000, money she could have used. But in an incredible turn of events, the hosts decided to give Kate $5,000 in cash, completely out of pocket.

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Rude Customer Mocks The Bag Boy With Special Needs. Now Watch The Lady In Red Behind Them.

What would you do if you saw a person with special needs being mocked and ridiculed? Would you step in? Would you turn a blind eye?

In this fascinating clip, What Would You? sets out to put strangers’ sense of duty and kindness to the test in the form of a powerful social experiment. An actor with Down syndrome, posing as a bagging clerk at Kilroy’s Wonder Market in New Jersey, is bagging customers’ items when he falls victim to verbal abuse. Other actors pose as impatient customers who ridicule him for not bagging fast enough. They even go so far as to use the heinous “R” word.

“They shouldn’t hire these people,” one actor says to an actual customer. “They waste everyone’s time.”

The other customers in line watch the unsettling scene unfold in front of their eyes, but they have no idea their reactions are caught on hidden camera. Ultimately, this video teaches an important lesson in compassion.

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Simon Leaps Out Of His Chair To Hit The Golden Buzzer, But Look Who's In Front Of Him…

Simon Cowell is a man known throughout the entertainment industry as not only someone with an impeccable ear for talent, but one who is notoriously difficult to impress. Even before the premiere of American Idol way back in 2002, viewers over in England knew exactly how temperamental the judge could be when it came to hearing auditions on their original version of the show, Pop Idol.

All that said, there are also those rare moments when Cowell’s frosty disposition has been melted by those performing in front of him. Of course, it takes someone really special to steal his heart (like the contestant who made him tear up with his tribute to a late friend), and the young lady in the clip below did just that when she stepped up onto the America’s Got Talent stage. Joined by fellow judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum, you can see Cowell’s face sense a unique spark in the teen as she makes her way to the center.

After Mandel compliments the 16-year-old’s “Audrey Hepburn” style, Calysta Bevier reveals the hair wasn’t exactly her choice. A year ago, the sweet girl was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer. Fortunately, she was able to battle the illness and is now thriving thanks to her incredible bravery.

Calysta’s song choice, “Fight Song,” further exemplifies just how much strength she has for someone who is still so young. She also backs that up with beautiful vocals and remarkable control that most performers spend years attempting to hone. The amazing rendition proves just how much more is in store for the inspiring survivor.

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Woman Adopts Little Boy Thrown Out In The Trash Like Garbage

Many years ago, an Ecuadorian carpenter noticed a trash bag moving by the dumpster outside his workshop. When he opened it up, he found a newborn baby swaddled inside, silently staring up at him. The poor baby was presumably abandoned by his birth mother because he has Down syndrome. But thanks to the kindhearted carpenter, the precious boy was rescued and placed at an orphanage for children with special needs.

On a family trip to Ecuador in 2004, Rachel Van Eerden and her husband Jim took their children on a tour of that very same orphanage. “While we’re on the tour, my eyes met this little baby,” she says. “It was love at first sight.” Not only did Rachel major in special education, but she also had a brother with Down syndrome. She couldn’t ignore the instant bond she felt with this little baby named Eddie.

Five years later, Rachel officially became Eddie’s adoptive mother.

It’s incredible to watch Rachel and Jim speak of the joy Eddie brings to their family and community. Rachel tearfully explains how they’ve given Eddie the title of “Ambassador of Love” to recognize the many lives he has already touched in such a short amount of time.

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Video Credit: Brownrygg Woolls / Twitter

5 Sailors Line Up On Stage. When The Music Starts, Watch The One On The Far Right.

In 2014, the U.S. Navy Band took to the stage at the Concerts on the Avenue series at the U.S. Navy Memorial. The following performance features the Sea Chanters who dazzled the audience — and internet viewers alike — with a show-stopping medley of songs from the hit Broadway show, “Jersey Boys.” The medley features classic songs from Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, including “December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)” and “Sherry Baby.” As you’re about to find out, it’s impossible not to smile while watching.

Navy Band musicians include First Class Michael A. Webb, Chief Musician Michael H. Belinkie, First Class Benjamin L. Bransford, III, First Class William Edwards, III, and Chief Musician Adam C. Tyler. It’s amazing to know the Navy is not only full of brave and heroic men and woman, but that it’s also ripe with talent and showmanship.

According to the United States Navy Band, “Our 11 Navy bands perform 6,500 times a year, around the country and around the world. Here in the U.S., our goal is to use music to connect Americans to their Navy. Right now, only 1.7 percent of Americans have served or are serving in the Navy, out of the less than 7% of Americans who have served in any branch. It’s important to us that people understand what the Navy does and why it’s important, as well as highlighting the great work Sailors are doing each and every day. Our performances abroad are all about using music to help build and maintain relationships with our partner nations.”

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Video Credit: United States Navy Band / Facebook

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